TVE (Spain’s public TV): Newscast,  night edition (10/05/16)


TVE’s New York correspondant, Almudena Ariza, dedicated a full report to Hardcore Maternity for the night edition national newscast, on prime time.

Esther talked to her in Brooklyn and Marga used Skype to connect from the heart of Madrid.

And then our website crashed with visits…

Yorokobu (10/21/16)


The online version of one of Spain’s most important trend magazines included a very complete piece on Hardcore Maternity.

And that title they used (‘Maternity is not the tall tale you’ve been told’) generated online conversations that could fill a whole new book.

You can read the full article here (in Spanish).

‘Ser padres’ magazine, February 2017


This magazine, focused on counseling parents and parents-to-be, created a special feature about comic strips and maternity in which ‘Hardcore Maternity’ had 2 full pages of glory.

And Esther and Marga’s picture with Santa Claus broke the Internet again.