Marga and Esther met many years ago working in an advertising agency in Madrid. Marga as an art director; Esther, as a copywriter. Back then, the idea of having kids felt like something from a galaxy far, far away.

Some years later, they got pregnant almost at the same time. They both had vaginal deliveries, with no post-traumatic stress disorder of any kind. Both breastfed their children, as prescribed by the World Health Organization and as that well-known saying that goes, the more you breastfeed your kid, the smarter and healthier he will be in the future. (They are still trying to find out if it was worth the effort).

During one of those short moments when they got some rest while nursing their babies, both agreed that no one had explained to them what this maternity stuff was really about. So that they decided to go for a weekend getaway every once in a while to whatever destination with a great deal on Ryanair.

While on these escapes, their kids stayed with their dads – that’s part of the paternity deal as well- happening to be a very modern and cool daddies. In those trips with no kids and couples around, Marga and Esther began daydreaming about starting up a project together. One would do the writing and the other, the illustrations. And they started to create stories.

After a while, Esther moved to New York and Marga set up Apéritif, her own studio in Madrid. Still, the idea about doing things together remained intact. This comic is the result of that friendship and those weekend getaways which neither of them will ever give up.

Nacho is currently a partner at Marga’s studio. He also worked with Marga and Esther in the same advertising agency as strategic planner and is now also a partner at Apéritif. If back then someone had asked him “Can you picture these two as mothers?”, he would have laughed out loud. Maybe, if someone would have told him he’ll be a dad not to one but to two kids, that laughter would have been a bit shakier.

With no threat or pressure of any kind, Nacho agreed to join the project and help with the strategy. Because not everything is going to be for the fun of it since babysitters are not quite cheap.